Origin of Color, 2017

Black and White Photography

Courtesy of the Artist

A Syracuse native, Cristian Kaigler utilizes black and white photography to highlight the strength and beauty of Black women and the misrepresentation of the word “Black”. Society often teaches that black is the absence of light, when in reality it is the absorption of all light. It is the origin of color and all color is derived from it.

All images were shot in black and white photography, which Cristian believes is the rawest form of photography, and the roots of his creative foundation.


On view January 16 - March 4, 2018 at the Everson Museum

Love, Peace and Soul focuses on the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s, serving as a catalyst for African American artists and musicians to express their voices in the mass media, as well as in their communities. Notable artists of this time include Faith Ringgold, Earnie Barnes, Jeff Donaldson, Emory Douglas, LeRoi Jones and many others. There is a resurgence of the principles this movement embodied, inspiring a new generation of work by emerging Black artists from Syracuse and New York City. The work on view captures the essence of the time and like their forebears continues exploring the odyssey of the black experience in America.

Featuring: Louise Bahia, Rahm Bowen, Darion Brown, Jaleel Campbell, Jamar Giles, Chyna Harrison, Cristian Kaigler, Lavanda Ladd, Mecca Little

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